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I drove into the countryside this afternoon to get some apples from a 'u-pick-em' orchard. The sun was bright and the sky was clear and the owner has grown into a fat, happy old man. I wandered around the place for a bit, completely unnoticed by the wasps and bees swarming around fallen, squishy fruit. I want to go back with a camera and maybe start working on another pastoral poem but I have had neither the time or the inclination to write anything. After I finished at the orchard, I drove up into Custer County and made a mental checklist of all the things I would photograph; the leaning barn bleached grey in the sun, the Wetmore steakhouse, others. After I got home, I made some progress knitting - I have the damnedest time dropping a stitch.

I dunno. The day just felt right and I've experienced more of these days which finish with the exhaustion of completion.